Forex trading training: what is forex trading?

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Forex trading: what is forex trading?

Forex trading is all about trading different currencies of the world. You will be able to buy one currency and then sell it to get another currency. This means that you are trading in currencies. This way you will be either going in profit or in loss. This business is called FOREX trading or simply Forex.

Forex trading is a good business if you know how to manage it. You will have to learn techniques and you will have to make a strategy. If you can make a working strategy, you will definitely succeed. Moreover you will need to know about the forex trading. You can learn about forex from the internet easily. There are various articles and entire websites which are dedicated to the forex learning. You will easily find these websites on the internet. Most of the stuff is free and you will even find helpful eBooks to speed up your learning. Mostly these eBooks will guide you step by step and at the end of the book, you will have learned forex completely.

You can also test your skills using forex trading software. Such software allows you to use the virtual currency and learn the strategies of the forex trading. You can use them the way you want without the fear of losing anything at all. These software are a great tool to practice the new strategies as well. Once you have learned enough, you can shift to the real currency and start trading in it. It will help you to make real money using you previously learned techniques and strategies.

Forex trading robots are also of great help. They are small software programs which are meant to do different trading jobs. Actually they can semi-automate the entire process for you. They fetch the data for you and they analyze it. The robots use this analysis to act according to the strategy you pre-program. You can use the robots to sell the currency at a certain price or you can use them to stop loss after you have lost a certain amount of money. All these functions are carried out by the forex trading robots.

Not only this, these robots will also be better in the day to day calculations involved in trading. The calculations which will take a lot of time if done by humans, will take seconds if a robot is assigned the job. Also, the chances of error are less because no human frailities are involved. The robots will also make better predictions based on these analysis and consyant calculations. You will be able to have up to 97 (some robots claim) percent accuracy using these robots. The functions and the accuracy of these robots do vary but getting a good robot will always pay you well in the long run. It may cost you a little extra in the beginning but will benefit you in the long run.

Darius Harris is the author of and and has written over 1000 articles on the pros and cons of online day and forex trading and the ways to stack the odds in your favor when investing..

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Forex Robot - Top Forex Robot Comparison By The Side Of Its Superlative In Favor Of A Thorough Understanding Of Its Skin Texture?

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Forex Robot - Top Forex Robot Comparison By The Side Of Its Superlative In Favor Of A Thorough Understanding Of Its Skin Texture?

Forex has a widespread range of robots so as to cater dissimilar needs in favor of dissimilar traders. We are constantly in the field of a hustle to label a upshot devoid of thorough investigation, which, on occasion may possibly come about utterly amiss. This article gives you a helpful assessment of the two top forex robots, namely, FAP Turbo robot and Ivybot robot.


Both robots are automated and can trade 24/7 with area of high pressure accuracy. Both are equipped with AI - man-made intellect so as to enables the robot to study and trade with mind and not by chance. Both the robots are designed by Forex in the same way as years of experience in the field of currency trading. They can trade by the side of the foreign discussion sell. It is not expensive and does not require a colossal funds. The first purchace comes with a 60 sunlight hours money back undertaking, user handbook, comfortable to ensue cartridge, life forex membership, licence to trade and an financial credit to start trading. Both robot need internet connection to trade.


Ivybot is new of a modern launch than FAP Turbo robot. Ivybot can trade in the field of multi-currency pairs where Turbo trades barely in the field of single currency pair off. FAP T can trade even while you are sleeping before occupies with something as well. Ivybot is very unpretentious to install anywhere in the role of FAP Turbo may possibly on occasion require assistance from forex customer nurture while installation. Ivybot receives regular weekly updates anywhere in the role of FAP Turbo is not equipped with the same. FAP Turbo is voted top two in the field of a modern forex robot survey. Many trades making profits are bound to allow used FAP Turbo. But Ivybot is relatively a further robot , yet, revolutionary by the side of the forex sell.

Manifest skin texture:

FAP Turbo

FAP Turbo robot requires a funds of 50$ to start trading.

It can trade in the field of single currency pair off which is EUR/CHF.

It can trade even while you are snoozing with the make use of of VPS - Virtual hush-hush head waiter. Whilst you desire your robot to trade even while you are sleeping before occupied in the field of a little run, you can wish this option which enables the robot to trade even whilst your arrangement is inedible. But, this comes with a little bonus charge in favor of hoisting.

It uses meta trader 4 platform in favor of optimised upbeat trading.

Installation requires with reference to 15 minutes and on occasion assistance from forex customer nurture.


Ivybot robot is the newest robot from forex.

It requires a funds of 50$ to start trading.

Ivybot robot can trade in the field of four currency pairs, which are , EUR/USD, USD/CHF, EUR/JPY and USD/JPY. This is as the robot software is made of four impartial robots which trade in the field of both currency pair off correspondingly with assistance from EA - Expert Advisor bring forward.

Receives regular weekly updates making it in no way outdated.

Installation is very comfortable and requires with reference to 15 minutes to complete installation process.


Nicole Anne Smith has been a practiced forex trader in favor of concluded 6 years with a top brokerage definite in the field of the US. Endlessly since the arrival of forex trading robots, she has been exposed to how practiced traders make use of these robots in favor of their every day trading activities. She has since used this skill and utilized these forex robots in favor of her own responsibility. Recover shown how you too can trade forex professionally with automated forex robots.

Click Here To Download Fapturbo

Click Here To Download Ivybot Robot

Fapturbo is the only automated forex income solution that doubles real monetary deposits in under 30 days. No backtests tricks. The best converting and best performing forex product on the PLANET, period.

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Forex Education ? Getting the Right Education for Success Part 1

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Forex Education ? Getting the Right Education for Success Part 1

Consider this fact:

Despite the vast amount of FOREX education available, the bulk of traders still lose.

The reason for this is most of the accepted wisdom does not work.

Here we will look at the FOREX education you need and a simple system that’s FREE That can make you big consistent profits.

Before we start looking at FOREX education itself, lets look at the equations you need to be successful trading FOREX.

Equation for success 1

Robust Method + Confidence + Discipline = Long term currency success.

Now, when you trade you need a method that’s simple and you understand.


Because if you want to make money trading you are going to have short term losses and you need to the discipline to follow your method when these occur.

If you don’t you will not have a method at all.

Many traders FOREX Education involves following systems they don’t understand or gurus and they simply can’t stick with them and fail.

Equation for success 2

Your method needs to have the following characteristics:

Liquidate losers quickly + Run Profits

Obvious one, but today people receive FOREX education that teaches them to trade short term and even worse day trade.


We have written about this in our other articles and it’s a waste of time. You won’t win, it will just be expensive FOREX education!


Because, the time frame is to short and moves are random.

You may have profits but you can’t run them in a day and they can never cover your inevitable losses and high transaction costs you accumulate.

Avoid FOREX Education that teaches you short term trading unless you like losing your money

The Education You Need

Most of the education is free and on the net.

FOREX Education you don’t need

There are of course many e-books and courses but most of these are worthless ( only buy one which has a real track record and the seller is a trader ) and there are few of these around.

In part 2 of this article we will cover a system you can learn yourself that is used by many of the worlds top traders and it’s simple to apply and understand.

Learn this fact

There is no correlation between how complicated a method and how successful it is.

In fact, the opposite is true, the more complicated a system is the more likely it is to break in the face of ever changing brutal market conditions.

Finally, as we have said you need to understand how your method works (this is easier with a simple system) as you need confidence to follow it with iron discipline to eventual currency trading success.


The only material we recommend you buy is classic works by traders who have been at the sharp end and here are some good ones

Market Wizards & The New Market Wizards – Jack schwager

Great books!

Full of inspiration, as the top traders in the world share their wisdom on how they made millions or even billions trading FOREX and other markets

Anything By Jake Bernstein

Focuses on the importance of discipline and mental attitude a key to success.

Trader Vic – Vic Sperandeo

Perhaps my favourite book of all. Packed with common sense from cover to cover from one of the true great traders.

They will cost you about .00 and that’s money well spent for the type of FOREX Education they give.

A system for profit

In part 2 of this article your FOREX education will continue, when we start looking at a specific method that you can apply for bigger FOREX profits and currency trading success.


On all aspects of becoming a profitable trader including info about legendary trader W D Gann who made a million fortune trading go to our website for an exclusive Gann Trading Course visit our website at

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About Forex Trade ? An Introduction To Forex Market

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About Forex Trade ? An Introduction To Forex Market

Forex is an abbreviation of Foreign Currency Exchange. People call it fx or 4x as well. Forex market is all about selling and buying of currencies worldwide. It is getting more and more attention globally with the trading volume of about billion when it is first established up to a whopping trillion today. Let us have a look into more about forex trade.

Forex currency market is setup when the fixed currency exchanges are abolished in early 1970′s. Since then the trading volume is getting higher and higher every year together with the invention of more advance technology. The trading volume grows exponentially when the introduction of Internet hits global level with more and more retail forex brokers open for forex traders to trade forex market.

The trading of forex happens globally hence there is no centralized location to keep track of all the trading volumes at one particular place. The major trading centers are located at Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, London and New York. Therefore when you look at the forex market hours you will see mainly those few locations opening and closing hours provided by most of the sites.


Forex is traded in pairs where the strengthening and weakening of the currency is affected by the employment change, home sales, retail sales, interest rates and other important financial attributes. It used to be only the people with certain huge amount of money that can participate in forex trading. The rule changed and we can a lot of forex traders trading to make a fortune out of forex market.

What are currency pairs available for trading? The most liquid currency pairs that most forex traders trade are the currency with US Dollar as base or quote currency. For instance, USDJPY – the US Dollar against the Japanese Yen and EURUSD – the Euro against the US Dollar. EURUSD is currently the most traded pairs internationally with the smallest spread among all other currency pairs. The spread being the difference between the bid and ask price. Forex brokers earn from the spread instead of commission.

There are more to learn about forex trade as there are many terms use in the world of forex market. It is the right time for you to explore the forex market with endless opportunities to get involve in this huge financial market. You can share a piece of the pie if you really know how to trade currency pairs according to the factors that affect the market.

Are you interested to learn how to trade forex? Do you know about the terms use in forex market? There are many more to know where the article above is just the introduction of forex. Forex is a huge market waiting for you to explore, learn and participate. Look at interesting forex market hour – 24 hours. Find out more about forex market and it’s possibility for you to have second income now! Feel free to visit

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Automated Trading Robot In Forex Trading ? New Forex Trading Strategy With Software

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Automated Trading Robot In Forex Trading ? New Forex Trading Strategy With Software

There is an abundance of Forex trading robots on the market today. Choosing the right one for you can be a challenge. There are many factors that should be considered when selecting an automated trading robot in Forex trading.

First of all, trading robots are simply computer programs based on math and signals that trade the Forex market. They can be configured to fit a trader’s style and account. They take out all human emotion from trading.

Your first consideration in determining if a Forex robot is right for you is price. Forex robots can be very expensive. I have seen them in prices ranging from up to several hundred dollars. Don’t just go for the cheapest one, but a higher price doesn’t always mean a better product.


You should look for a good money back guarantee in case the product isn’t right for you. Many of them have one or two month return guarantees. You should also know that the robots don’t work with all brokers. Ask if they work with your broker before buying.

Many people love Forex trading robots. You do not have to understand anything about the forex market to use them. A complete trading novice can use them to trade. They can also trade every currency pair possible and can be used to trade more than one account at the same time.

There are a few other considerations when deciding on purchasing a Forex robot. The most important one is the fact that they don’t recognize when markets turn and are vulnerable to changing circumstances. They often have problems on high volatility days.

An automated trading robot in Forex trading is only as smart as its creator. These programs are becoming better and more sophisticated with time. However, it is important to remember that there is no holy grail when it comes to trading.

Do you want to download Automated Trading Robot in Forex Trading? Read the author’s review of the Top 5 Forex Trading Robots on the web at first!

The author has found a 100% automated Forex Trading Robot that is making him over 40% returns on his capital every month. Check out the website above to find out more!

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Forex Managed Account help you to get profit

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Forex Managed Account help you to get profit

A Forex managed account can be an effective investing apparatus to spread your portfolio. These accounts are similar to index funds, hedge funds, mutual funds and asset management funds work. Actually you invest your money into a managed account and a professional money managers and traders operate the trading on your place.

And basically like index funds, hedge funds and mutual funds, currency exchange traders for Forex managed accounts also have their different types of plans, analysis and apparatus they apply to make the trades. Most people share some of an overview of their plans. For instance, they might show to you that they do short-term intra-day trading as their whole plans. But they won’t give ideas to you exactly how they make their plans, what type of software they use, what type of thoughts they use to make their trading.

Most Forex agents providing this service will give you a sense of past track record. How perfectly they are or how much you can believe their representation of their track record is up to you to determine.


For those keen in getting into this lucrative but more challenging world of Forex trading, this would be a quick and simple option. This option is typically wonderful for those who don’t have the time to seek information and get up to speed on how the Forex market deals. Moreover, there is targeting time investment included in generating a dealing plan, knowing which country’s currency pairs to deal, think little into all the aspects of that go into this market and registering up for a free Forex test account to practice your trades and trading process.

Many dealers are trading into this market because it has not many restrictions to entry, which some small accounts beginning as low as 0 and continuous accounts at ,500. But the most eye-catching variables to Forex trading are its very high leverage. This is also called as dealing on margin.

Generally, dealing on margin or leverage in Forex trading is when you borrow money from the agent to trade with a minimum required deposit. Some margin is as high as 200:1. So that means if you invest as deposit of 00, that means you can deal till 0,000 of the agent’s cash. This leads great returns should the currency values increase.

But equally, the increased margin also creates currency trading very much risky and many people have lost their shirts while trading in this market. The dealing on margin importantly works equally the alternative way and you can immediately get tapped out in a volatile market.

The benefits of a Forex managed account would be that you would be investing your money with professional traders, always a group of traders, who take care of your money, the risk and the increased margin for you. Unless you have more experience trading foreign currencies or you feel like you have knowledge and unknown details pertaining to your market, it is different thing that you will do good than these Forex managed account managers.

Mark Henry is a successful interior foreign exchange market consultant having helped over many people to get there profit. She writes on topics like forex broker, forex currency trading and forex trading online etc. for the website

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Avoid Fap Turbo Scams And Beat The Forex Market

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by Tradingrichmom

Avoid Fap Turbo Scams And Beat The Forex Market

Scams are reported about all new and innovative products .

The benefits of a trading guide are obvious. However is FAP Turbo the best forex trading guide is only a end users decision. They do have some very good points though - like:

Its only cost you to get your feet and account off the ground. Gigantic market - Billion plus traded in for ex around the word. more than all the other trading markets put together Great trading action 24hrs day Monday to Friday . Explosive - The most fickle market in the world…what does that mean? great chances in a split second every day Low cost - With stock trading, futures or options you pay spread plus commission, with Forex your only “cost of trade” is spread. No monopoly- Unlike any other markets, it is not possible to dominate the Forex market….and, no matter how many people trade with the the best forex trading guides they can find, its efficiency and profitability will remain intact. Up & Down - Profit from the fluctuation of different currency prices…you shouldn’t worry about which way the market goes. No Size Limit - Trade as much or as little as you want! This is something that you will only get in the Forex market.

Will an automated EA (expert adviser) or FAP Turbo forex forex trading guide improve your success rate in the forex market? Currency exchange being so volatile!

The best forex trading guide, most accurate and profitable Forex robot in the world has over 97% winners! Can’t Monitor the Forex Market because of a day job, commitments, etc and want an automatic software to do it for you? Do you want to trade Forex profitably but don’t know how the best forex trading guide a robot will do everything for you…from A to Z! even takes away the biggest threat. …Human emotion.

I’m a ordinary guy with Big Dreams…. LUCKY some say. Maybe! I had my ups and downs but now =:) Life is rosy. I’m Lucky as I can work from home or in fact anywhere.. on a laptop just 3 or 4 hours a day to maintain a six figure salary . Not because of luck really you have yo work smart have a look at what BOOSTED me to “Lucky” status just HERE.

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Forex Robots - Setting the Tone For Successful Trading

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Forex Robots - Setting the Tone For Successful Trading

The FOREX is unlike any of the traditional stock markets we used to know of. Seemingly, Forex can’t only be found in just one central location but apparently, it is anywhere in the world. Its business, on the other hand, is conducted by different people depending on what parties are involved. In other words, you are making business with different trades, with various groups of people around the globe. It is to say that, there is no one group that can control the prices in the Forex market, making the trading and business in the Forex market a very profitable means.

One of the major differences in Forex market is that you can trade twenty four (24) hours a day, in any parts of the world. This can be possible by the help of an internet connection, with this tool, you can manage and attend to your Forex market business and trading anytime of the day, and amazingly you could manage your own business as you want is to be. This can seriously give you big profits in the Forex.

In means of aiding you with trading and helping you grow your business, for one has to sit on his computer for long hours, just by manually putting in trades to make it work; there are now automated robots that can make the putting of trades a breeze, leaving you with free time.


You might ask, does this Forex robot work? What can this possibly do to make my trading with the Forex market a very profitable one? Or you might wonder, can I trust the Forex robot to put in my trades, even if I leave them alone, that they won’t wipe out my account while they are working away?

The Forex robot is automated; it means that it relies on a mathematical formula giving you an accurate prediction on which the market is going to go. In other words, by this way of prediction, the Forex robot can provide you signals on what would happen to the market and by your decision, the system would then make the trade for you.

By this, you know now that the Forex really works, and you now that it can aid you with your trade and do the manual works for you. But on the other hand, none of the Forex robot is 100% accurate in predicting the market trend. Mathematically speaking, the Forex robot is 100% performing its duties and tasks as a computer system, but the market though is not based on mathematical formulas, but rather on the activities and trades of any group and number of people buying and selling their currencies.

Setting up your robots in your own customization in various settings can help you with the Forex Market business. With these settings, it will determine how successful your Forex account will be. A very good setting can help you grow your business and the robot can make money for you 24 hours a day! But on the other hand though, wrong settings can ruin your account, or may be wipe it out because your robots are giving you bad trades and inaccurate predictions in the market, making you lose your money and wasting your time. So, be careful in setting up your robots.

After all this, with the right settings for your robot and a wide knowledge on the existing market, automated robots or the Forex robots can and will make you good and big profits on your Forex account. Forex Robots could seemingly assist you to grow your trading business in the Forex Market and to be successful in the trade.

There are Forex Robots that can just give you signals on prediction of the market trends, and which you need to make an act on and there are Forex robots that are automatic. So, you got to make some few choices in choosing your Forex Robots.

Guaranteed 95.82% Accuracy, Best Forex Robot

Forex MegaDroid Indisputably Proves A Robot Can Trade With 95.82% Accuracy In EVERY SINGLE Market Condition And At Least Quadruple Every Single Dollar You Deposit. 38 years of combined Forex trading experience delivers Megadroid RCTPA Technology. This is what will take you from being an average Forex trader to a top gun pip pulling machine.

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The TOP Performing Forex Trading Robot Available (As seen on CNN, CNBC, Forex Traders) See Video, Download Software HERE.

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Forex Trading Mistakes ? Try to Predict Prices and you Will Lose!

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Forex Trading Mistakes ? Try to Predict Prices and you Will Lose!

Most novice forex traders believe that to make money in forex trading they need to predict forex price direction in advance to win. The fact of the matter is if you try and predict where forex prices are going to go you are destined to lose! It’s obvious really when you think about it.

If you try and predict you are hoping or guessing where prices will go and relying on hope or guessing, in any venture is not a good idea and in forex trading it leads to equity wipe out.

A Better Way To Trade – Confirm the Move.

You don’t have to predict though you can act on confirmation and if you do you are not relying on hope or guessing – you are getting the odds in your favour and this can lead to long term profits.

For example, a trader sees prices dipping to support and simply enters the market – he has no idea of whether the support will hold, he is simply guessing and hoping.

Trade Like a Pro

The professional trader doesn’t simply buy into support he WAITS For prices to turn up and watches price momentum to confirm the fact and when prices are moving away from support he enters.


If you wait for price momentum to confirm support has held you are trading with the odds and this is the real way the professional forex trader’s trade.

No guessing or hoping they are trading the confirmation or the reality of price change to increase their chances of currency trading success.

How To Confirm Momentum.

If you know nothing about momentum indicators then you should – their an essential part of any traders Forex education.

If you want to learn forex trading correctly, you must understand and use momentum.

95% of Forex traders lose and in most instances it’s because they rely on hoping and guessing and don’t use the confirmation of momentum.

Great momentum indicators to look at are:

Average directional Movement ADX Relative Strength Index (RSI) - both were developed by trading legend Wells Wilder and the stochastic indicator developed by George Lane.

There are of course other momentum indicators but the above 3 are a great place to start.

When using a forex trading system you should use the following steps:

Look at tests of support and resistance and ONLY execute your trading signal - AFTER Momentum has confirmed your view.

You may well say that this will miss the bottom but you cant spot that in advance anyway (and no forex trader can) so don’t even try.

Forex trading is a game of odds and if you don’t get the odds in your favour you will lose.

Markets are a Game Of Odds Not a Science!

95% of traders lose, because they fail to grasp that forex trading is a game of odds and believe in scientific predictive theories like Gann, Elliot wave or following the Fibonacci number sequence – they don’t work.

Keep in mind Elliot died a pauper, Gann sold courses to survive and the Fibonacci number sequence had nothing to do with finance!

Play the odds and you can win, with your forex trading strategy –try and predict without confirmation and you are guaranteed to lose – PERIOD.


For free trading guides and an exclusive Forex Trading Course visit our website at:

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Forex Trading Courses

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by Tradingrichmom

Forex Trading Courses

Although forex trading is the oldest financial market in the world, the computer has opened up the market in a way never thought possible. Online sites offer any number of Forex Trading Courses. These courses familiarize the novice in forex terminology and assist investors in setting up demo or dummy accounts.


Forex systems or strategies are explained and demonstrated through live chats and video tutorials. Each course includes an Ebook with detailed information and step by step instructions on how to achieve the best profits.


Courses in forex trading instruct investors in the use of charts and grafts to assist in investment strategies. Professional advisers are available around the clock.



Since the dropping of the Gold Standard after World War II, forex trading has increased, but the computer has opened up the field to millions of new investors. Forex is the largest financial market in the world. After all, with forex, you are the boss. There is no middleman and no insider trading. Forex investors are part of a community that looks out for each other’s investment. Everyone wants their neighbor to succeed.


Investing in forex requires very little initial capital, and setting up an account is relatively simple.


Courses in forex trading eliminate the unknown and help the investor gain confidence in the ability to tackle live trading after practicing in a demo account. Courses are relatively inexpensive when considering the insight given to anyone tackling forex for the first time. Knowledge equals profit when it comes to approaching an investment market such as forex. Forex trading does not require constant surveillance. An investor can spend as little as 10 to 15 minutes a day in trading and still generate substantial profits. Courses in forex trading give the investor the skills to be at the head of the pack.

For more information log onto:

I am the owner of this site

Article from Live Forex Trade Video, I Make +40 pips on GBP and Give You Some great Forex Tips! Watch me enter this trade and make +40 pips in a few hours. I explain my thought process, how the trade worked and how more pips could have been made.

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