Forex Education ? Getting the Right Education for Success Part 1

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Forex Education ? Getting the Right Education for Success Part 1

Consider this fact:

Despite the vast amount of FOREX education available, the bulk of traders still lose.

The reason for this is most of the accepted wisdom does not work.

Here we will look at the FOREX education you need and a simple system that’s FREE That can make you big consistent profits.

Before we start looking at FOREX education itself, lets look at the equations you need to be successful trading FOREX.

Equation for success 1

Robust Method + Confidence + Discipline = Long term currency success.

Now, when you trade you need a method that’s simple and you understand.


Because if you want to make money trading you are going to have short term losses and you need to the discipline to follow your method when these occur.

If you don’t you will not have a method at all.

Many traders FOREX Education involves following systems they don’t understand or gurus and they simply can’t stick with them and fail.

Equation for success 2

Your method needs to have the following characteristics:

Liquidate losers quickly + Run Profits

Obvious one, but today people receive FOREX education that teaches them to trade short term and even worse day trade.


We have written about this in our other articles and it’s a waste of time. You won’t win, it will just be expensive FOREX education!


Because, the time frame is to short and moves are random.

You may have profits but you can’t run them in a day and they can never cover your inevitable losses and high transaction costs you accumulate.

Avoid FOREX Education that teaches you short term trading unless you like losing your money

The Education You Need

Most of the education is free and on the net.

FOREX Education you don’t need

There are of course many e-books and courses but most of these are worthless ( only buy one which has a real track record and the seller is a trader ) and there are few of these around.

In part 2 of this article we will cover a system you can learn yourself that is used by many of the worlds top traders and it’s simple to apply and understand.

Learn this fact

There is no correlation between how complicated a method and how successful it is.

In fact, the opposite is true, the more complicated a system is the more likely it is to break in the face of ever changing brutal market conditions.

Finally, as we have said you need to understand how your method works (this is easier with a simple system) as you need confidence to follow it with iron discipline to eventual currency trading success.


The only material we recommend you buy is classic works by traders who have been at the sharp end and here are some good ones

Market Wizards & The New Market Wizards – Jack schwager

Great books!

Full of inspiration, as the top traders in the world share their wisdom on how they made millions or even billions trading FOREX and other markets

Anything By Jake Bernstein

Focuses on the importance of discipline and mental attitude a key to success.

Trader Vic – Vic Sperandeo

Perhaps my favourite book of all. Packed with common sense from cover to cover from one of the true great traders.

They will cost you about .00 and that’s money well spent for the type of FOREX Education they give.

A system for profit

In part 2 of this article your FOREX education will continue, when we start looking at a specific method that you can apply for bigger FOREX profits and currency trading success.


On all aspects of becoming a profitable trader including info about legendary trader W D Gann who made a million fortune trading go to our website for an exclusive Gann Trading Course visit our website at

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Getting Started In Forex Trading Business - Keeping Your Emotions Out Of Your Forex Trading

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by Tradingrichmom

Getting Started In Forex Trading Business - Keeping Your Emotions Out Of Your Forex Trading


When you’re getting started in Forex, the biggest challenge you will look is not pronouncement the superlative Forex dealer or nearly everyone profitable Forex trading organization. The Forex markets aren’t conspiring contrary to you, and you don’t need selected kind of secret awareness not far off from the markets to succeed. It may well sound cliche, but the biggest complication status sandwiched between you and the Forex profits you hallucination of is your emotions. By the last part of this article, you will discover how to trade Forex not including concerning your emotions in trading decisions.

What Systems Can And Cannot Do For You

Don’t contract me abuse, whilst you’re getting started in Forex, you unquestionably need to maintain a high-quality Forex dealer and a profitable Forex trading organization to trade Forex successfully. That thought, near are dozens of lofty Forex brokers and a average a small number of profitable Forex trading systems to be had barred near, but very a small number of citizens who are getting on track in Forex succeed in ill will of with the aim of. Why? Because they fail to control their emotions whilst they are trading.

Emotional self-control and high-quality decision making are two of the essence components of profitable Forex trading. If you are able to master your emotions first on, after that you’ll maintain rebuff problems with trading a handbook organization like a pro. That thought, if you recognize with the aim of you maintain problems with scheming your emotions by, throughout or similar to a trade, after that you need to be good with by hand and limit by hand to automatic Forex trading systems until you are raring to go. Automatic Forex trading systems will help you to segregate your emotions from your trading while you discover to get by them, for the reason that your organization will kind all the decisions in place of you.


A Word Of Caution Against Greed

Once you maintain your proven trading organization in place, after that you’re raring to go to start your Forex trading operation, but don’t sink all your to be had wealth into your trading organization immediately yet. One of the traps with the aim of nearly everyone citizens who are getting on track in Forex fall into is with the aim of they contract greedy and venture all their powerfully earned wealth whilst they don’t really know how to trade Forex with a organization yet. They’re simply not familiar with the organization, and are prone to making beginner mistakes by the side of this central theme.

When you’re getting on track in Forex, you ought to be alert on learning how to trade Forex considerably than making lots of money with Forex. That will approach soon, similar to you’ve gathered by the side of smallest amount a a small number of months of experience in Forex trading. While you’re getting on track in Forex, you will hunger to invest the most minuscule amount you need to trade your organization and rebuff more than with the aim of. Why? Because there’s still a fate you don’t know not far off from how to trade Forex, so you’ll hunger to venture a most minuscule of your valuable wealth while still having an adequate amount invested to custody not far off from what’s going away on.

Final Word On Systems And Emotions

Most citizens getting on track in Forex take single or two years by they fully master their emotions, so there’s really nothing abuse with running an automatic Forex trading organization to profit while you discover. Clothed in verity, many licensed traders trade a combination of automatic and handbook systems to form a portfolio with the aim of maximizes their profits while minimizing their risks.

What I commend if you’re getting on track in Forex is to be realistic in your expectations of your organization and by hand. Don’t rush by hand into trading manually if you’re not raring to go, and remember with the aim of you don’t continually maintain to trade it by hand if you don’t hunger to. With a profitable Forex trading organization, you don’t maintain to, and you might unearth with the aim of you maintain a capability in place of building Forex portfolios to advance increase in intensity your returns, and in with the aim of way eliminate your emotions from your trading altogether.

Have you been searching for a Profitable Forex Trading System that actually works? Read Thad’s Forex Morning Trade Review to see why it has his highest recommendation.

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Forex Automatic Trading - Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots Review

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by Ed Yourdon

Forex Automatic Trading - Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots Review

With the recent explosion of the Forex automatic trading industry, there are literally thousands of Forex robot traders out there promising to make your rich in no time at all. The problem is that most people aren’t clued in to the fundamental principles for operating and maintaining a Forex robot trader to ensure long term profitability.

It’s just like selling a car to someone without a license and telling them that they can they can just turn the keys and get to where they want to go. Well the reality is that Forex automatic trading is just like any other activity: it takes specialized knowledge, and if you don’t know what you’re doing you are going to crash and burn.

That’s where The Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots comes in. Think of it as taking your learner’s course for Forex automatic trading - you don’t want to operate a Forex robot trader without going through it. By the end of this article, you will know why The Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots is the one resource you absolutely must have before you do any serious Forex automatic trading.

Here’s what you’ll learn in The Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots:

1. How To Achieve Consistent & Stable Returns Month After Month

When you buy any Forex robot trader, you can naturally assume that the default settings that come with it are the best settings for your Forex robot trader, right? Well believe it or not, it’s actually the complete opposite! The reality is, almost every one of the Forex expert advisors out there in the market is optimized… to sell the maximum number of them, not to guarantee your maximum long term trading profit.


What the developers of Forex robot traders will never tell you is that if you just make a few minor adjustments to optimize your existing Forex expert advisors, you can turn an overly aggressive Forex robot trader into one that can generate a consistent and stable return each month. Better still, The Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots will teach you how to combine Forex expert advisors to form an optimized portfolio that will get you even more consistent profits with less risk!

2. Keep Your Forex Robot Trader In Tune With The Markets

Have you ever wondered why your Forex robot traders start out with explosive profits, only to fizzle out and give back most of those profits in the long run? What developers of Forex expert advisors fail to tell you is that during the period when they were testing out their incredible profit pulling Forex robot trader, they were constantly re-optimizing their settings to stay in tune with the markets.

The moment you buy the Forex robot trader though, that re-optimization stops because it’s sold to you as a ‘set and forget’ system. Well, to borrow from the car analogy again, you wouldn’t expect to run your car indefinitely without some kind of service or maintenance right? The good new is, The Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots teaches you how to continue to re-optimize your system to keep it in tune with the markets so that it continues to make good trades month after month after month, with no programming knowledge required!

3. Make A Five Figure Income Even With Minimal Capital

Once you’re equipped with an optimized portfolio of Forex robot traders and all the tools you need to maintain your Forex robot traders in tip top shape, you’re all set to make solid trading profits. Now the only thing you’ll need is capital trade with, but what if you don’t have that much money to begin trading with? Simple, you leverage on other people’s capital and get paid based on how many people invest their money with you.

In a nutshell, you’ll be ‘leasing’ your Forex robot trader portfolio out to other traders who will piggyback on your trades, and you earn based on the number of people that ‘follow’ your trades. Don’t worry if it all sounds complicated, because The Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots will take you through the entire process step by step in a very easy to understand way.

These are the highlights of what you can expect to get out of The Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots, and I give this fantastic course my highest recommendation for anyone who is serious about achieving financial independence through Forex Automatic Trading.


Thad B. is a Professional Trading Systems Developer who has developed and managed dozens of profitable trading system over the years for a private hedge fund. Forex trading systems are his passion and expertise, and he has a wealth of helpful resources available for any serious Forex systems trader.


Desperate for a comprehensive guide that makes profitable Forex Automatic Trading easy? Thad highly recommends the Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots - Get It Now!


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Foreign Currency Trading: the Joy of Getting Rich From Foreign Currency or Forex Trading

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by Tradingrichmom

Foreign Currency Trading: the Joy of Getting Rich From Foreign Currency or Forex Trading

Foreign currency trading is the most profitable and powerful way to make money today in the world.

It is a 2.5 trillion dollars daily global market and business.

For this reason the knowledge and the secrets of how to do it successfully have been kept away from the public for thousands of years.

This is because it is the jealously guarded “SECRET” of how the “Money and Power” Elites, the multi-national and multi-billion dollars corporations, largest banks and governments of the world, the “Movers & Shakers” of International Banking & Finance, Business moguls & Tycoons, CEOs of major Corporations, secret societies and the privileged blue bloodlines of the Wealthiest Families of Europe and the Americas make their money and get rich.

They create vast fortunes easily trading foreign currencies.

Thereafter, using this great wealth, they create factories to manufacture consumer goods and products and hire you, Joe Bloke to work in those factories, banks and jobs at minimum wages.

So, it is no wonder why they don’t want you to know about the REAL TRUTH and “SECRET” on how to generate great wealth through foreign currency trading.

If you know how to trade foreign currency and generate 0,000 monthly for life, will you be idiotic, naïve and crazy to go to work at these DEAD END jobs to earn minimum wages and be paid nickels and dimes?

So, there has been a persistent organized campaign by the powers that be, the Money Elite to KEEP AWAY AND HIDE these “SECRETS” of creating vast wealth from foreign currency trading.

That is why they are always floating false propaganda and negative campaign in the mass media that currency trading is risky and you should not do it because you’ll lose all your money.

If you go to your bank manager or money management advisor or investment management company and tell them that you wish to make money at home from online currency trading, they will scream at you and try to discourage you and frighten you with the false information and half truth that it is risky and that you’ll lose your money.

This is because it is THE SECRET with which they make money and get rich!

Citibank alone makes billion dollars trading currencies yearly.

Most banks, including your bank trade currencies and it is among the major ways to create income.

It is just that they don’t advertise this secret.

George Soros, the King of forex trading makes billions of dollars yearly trading currencies!

It is reported that a few years ago, he nearly caused the government of Thailand to go bankrupt because he made so much money trading their currency!

Yes, foreign currency exchange trading or forex trading can be risky.

It is true, you can lose your shirt and go bankrupt.

But this is half of the truth.

The other half of the truth is that if you buy and study a good forex currency trading e-book guide or program and understand how it works, avoid the pitfalls and get to know the secrets of risk management and trade with discipline, you can get fabulously rich so fast it will make your head spin round and put the devil to shame.

This is why there is an organized campaign to discredit online currency trading.

If you get rich so fast, then you’ll not need to depend on the “Money and Power” Elites and their jobs and welfare system where they allow you nickels and dimes to keep you subjugated.

If you get rich too fast, they will no longer be able to manipulate you into voting and keeping them in power to continue milking your life by making you labor and work yourself to death making them rich.

There are so many reasons why most beginners in foreign currency trading fail to earn money and instead lose all their savings.

When they first hear about how easy and fast it is making money from day trading currency, they search the internet and find a forex trading broker.

Then they open a currency trading account and put in a few thousands of dollars in the online currency trading account and immediately begin to try to earn money from online currency trading.

And they get entangled in all the foreign currency trading sophisticated strategies and systems of technical and fundamental analysis such as reading “Forex charts”, “Moving Averages”, “Elliot wave”, “Stochastics”, “Bollinger bands”, “Directional movement index”, “Trend and Oscillator indicators”, “Fibonacci retracements and others.

They spend all day and night listening to business news on radio, reading forex newsletters, forex articles in magazines and watching business news on TV

These beginners don’t take their time to buy a valid online currency trading e-book guide to study and understand the forex market and the currency trading “SECRETS” before they begin trading.

They don’t open the free demo trial forex trading account to practice for free to develop viable profitable currency trading skills first before they open a paid forex trading account to begin trading and making real money.

They make the fatal and dumb mistake of trying to fly in the world of foreign currency trading market before they learn how to crawl.

So, they get confused, make grievous foreign currencies trading errors and lose their money.

When they lose their money, they will not accept responsibility because that is the difficult part.

The easy thing to do is to blame their mistakes on online currency trading and to declare and gripe that it is risky and a scam designed to con the unsuspecting public.

This gives them the justification to begin filing false complaints and instigating legal action with the lame excuse that they were naïve and didn’t know the risk involved and so have been ripped off.

The truth is that there are at least one million people around the world who have foreign currency trading skills and do it well to make millions of dollars monthly!

Yes, sometimes they will lose.

But most of the time they are fabulously profitable.

I once read about a taxi cab driver from New York who started trading foreign currencies about 10 yrs ago.

While driving his taxi cab, occasionally during his lunch break, he will log into his forex trading account and enter a few currency trades.

By the end of his driving day shift, he would check his online currency trading account and was always surprised to find that for a few minutes of trading currencies, he had made more money that day in minutes than he made driving the cab for a whole month.

This encouraged him to stop driving the taxi cab and to begin trading currencies full time.

In 10 years, he made billion dollars (,000,000,000) trading foreign currencies online and was listed in Forbes Magazine’s 400 richest Americans!

He is just one out of the many average people all over the world who took the time to study online currency trading, understood it and trade it correctly and are making millions of dollars without any hard work.

You too can do the same.

It is simple.

If you can click your mouse once to buy the currency and in a few minutes click your mouse a second time to sell them, you can make money.

It is a no brainer. Even a caveman can do it!

So, foreign currency trading is not difficult to understand or to do like stock or bond or commodity trading.

If you know where to get a good and valid forex trading guide or e-book and be patient to spend 1 hr daily to study it to understand the foreign currency trading market, how to click your mouse to buy and sell the currency; and if you will be patient to do the free demo trial for a few months before you open a paid forex trading account to begin trading, you can get obscenely and insanely rich so fast, it will make your eyes want to pop out, seeing all the piles of cash you generate just by clicking your mouse twice for a few minutes daily!

One powerful secret that will help you as a beginner is to avoid hiring money managers at the beginning to trade currencies for you.

The reason is that 90% of these money managers who advertise with highly impressive websites and brochures and also in TV infomercials and radios and seminars are fraudulent.

When you hire them to trade for you, they will over trade your account (churning) so as to generate a lot of trading fees for themselves because whether they make money for you or not, you must pay them their fees.

The more they trade your account, the more fees they generate for themselves!

By over trading your forex currency account, they expose it to massive risk which will eventually lead you to lose a lot of money.

This is because there are certain days and times which are profitable to trade and there are some days and times which are not.

Therefore by over trading (churning) your currency trading account, they get rich at your expense.

Plus, some of them will even use some profits they generated from trading your account to trade for themselves and make themselves rich without you knowing what