The Forex Robot: Things to review before you buy a Forex System

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by Ed Yourdon

The Forex Robot: Things to review before you buy a Forex System

Forex Robots are great tools for making money through the forex market. If you are a forex beginner you are in the right place. It is important to understand how a Forex System works before you buy a Forex Robot. 

 Forex Systems have been around for some time now. They have toted as the Holy Grail when it comes to trading forexthe right way.But are they? The Forex Market is the largest financial Market in the world with an average daily turnover of about 4 trillion dollars. Forex robots are computarized systems designed as software programs that trade for you and make a profit based on programming made to them by experts.

These Forex robots are made by Forex experts who have studied the Forex Market and know how to forecast trends and recognizecertain signals in the Forex Market that will prompt the Forex robot to automatically place trades for you so you can benefitfrom their expertise of how the Forex Markets work Forex markets have natural tendencies that can be recognized by a Forex Robot and will act accordingly depending on how the markets react from day to day.


Forex robots can run on your computer or on a virtual server so you can turn off your computer when the Robot is trading for you. Trading forex sometimes can getsome people emotional some times. Many times that emotion is greed. You are on good trade and your making some good pips and some times people just don’t know when the best time is to exit a trade and wait too long to exit and lose valuable pips sometimesfrom greed or simply ignorance.

A forex robot has no emotions and won’t feel greedy on a good trade and will not exit if is not thethe best time to exit, hence profiting you the maximum amount of pips as possible. A Forex robot has taken all the knowledge of a Forex expert and puts it on autopilot so all you have to do is run the program so the Forex System can make your pips for you.

A Forex Robot that makes pips for you is possible and with a Forex System that analyzes the Market Conditions to know when to enter and exit a trade a Forex Robot can make some pips for you. When looking for a Forex Robot it is important to have a Vendor that can provide a money back guarantee and some backtesting to see if the Forex Robot would of been profitable had it been used in the past. These are important things to review when you consider a Forex Robot. Before you buy a Forex Robot these are cardinal things that should be considered. 

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What 3 Things Are Common Among Successful Forex Traders

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by FxShell

What 3 Things Are Common Among Successful Forex Traders

There are thousands of successful Forex traders in the world. But for every person that learns to be profitable with their Forex trading, there are hundreds of individuals who lose investing in the foreign currency exchange market. Too often people focus on the traders that blow their accounts and end up losing all of their money, instead of studying the success stories.

Granted, this happens quite often; in fact, it happens way too often. But very rarely does the Forex itself cause failure. It is just that successful Forex traders know and practice positive trading habits that other traders do not.

I once knew an extremely successful trader who went from knowing nothing about the currency markets to making thousands of dollars a month in about 6 months. Literally, within one year, this guy quit his house construction business (this was before the real estate bust) because he was making too much money in the Forex not to.

So I asked this guy what made him so different. Why was he able to become a profitable trader so quickly? This is what he told me.


He said that he had an advantage over struggling traders because when he started to trade, he quickly found a trading method that he liked and stuck to it. So many traders accumulate so much “junk” in their heads that it would take years just to eliminate their bad trading habits.

This guy didn’t develop bad trading habits because he didn’t jump around. He found what he liked, and he stuck with it through good and bad. Sure, he had some losing trades that made him doubt himself and his trading method, but he never gave in to the temptation of trying something new. He didn’t “dabble” from one Forex trading strategy to the next like most people do. He did some research, found a Forex trading system that had a proven track record and was best suited for his personality and involvement, and then stuck with it.

Secondly, this guy had a support group. He found a free trading community and built relationships there. He didn’t start with a know-it-all attitude; instead he joined the community humbly and with a willingness to learn. And as he learned things from more experienced, successful Forex traders, he eagerly shared what he learned with others in the community. Before long, he had built a network of trustworthy friends that he could share trading ideas with, and this helped him to trade even more consistently.

Finally, this guy was completely dedicated to learning how to trade profitably. As I said earlier, he had a full-time job when he started, and yet he stayed awake until early in the morning to watch the markets. He spent just about every evening and many nights learning how to trade. In other words, trading successfully did not come easily to him - he sacrificed for it.

And that is why he is where he is today. He stuck with a system, he had a good support group, and he worked hard to get where he wanted to be. And this, my friend, is the story of most successful Forex traders.

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Article from It’s essential to have good forex trading tools 1. Use a good trading system. 2. Be a disciplined trader. This series teaches how to succeed in forex trading regardless the trading system you adhere to.
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Forex Options Trading - The Basic Things to Know About Forex Trading (Forex Growth Bot)

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Forex Options Trading - The Basic Things to Know About Forex Trading (Forex Growth Bot)

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Forex trading, better known as foreign currency buying and selling or forex, is a smart investment chance open to almost about anybody. This can be a professional and successful occupation while done right. On the other hand, to verify luck in this business, there are basic things that a would-be trader should recognize to arm him with the strengths that would save you him from failing.

First thing to be considered is the trading style one possesses. This taste corresponds to the buying and selling timeframe. The “scalping” style is used by traders who are in and out in their trades in a very short time, even seconds. Alternatively, this style isn’t very talked-about since it calls for large trading capital and relatively risky. “Day traders”, because the title suggests, hang their foreign currency trading positions right through the day, earlier than the marketplace closes. The 3rd type, the “swing traders” dangle their positions for a quantity of days, even a couple of weeks. And the final sort, the “position trader” is a long term trader who holds his trading place for a number of weeks or months. He on the other hand expects a bigger profit in comparison to the other varieties of traders. Knowing your style of buying and selling is very vital to the good fortune or failure within the foreign exchange as a end result of this is in a position to help the trader in opting for the foreign exchange options and buying and selling methodologies that might work for him.

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To allow the trader to analyze the marketplace, he may make use of two varieties of strategies, the technical and the basic analysis. The previous makes use of technical indicators and visible charts to look the developments and movements of prices to permit them to are expecting it. The latter makes use of stories reviews at the economic system in addition to different indicators, i.e., employment information, GDP, political standing and adjustments, etc. These two are used to help traders on their choices on what trades to take.

Realizing the above discussed main points might already equip the trader some basic however vital data which might be vital while he starts trading.

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3 Things At Home Forex Traders Can Learn From The Pros

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3 Things At Home Forex Traders Can Learn From The Pros

At home Forex traders are always looking for an edge to help them become more profitable. Usually, this “edge” comes in the form of a Forex robot or mechanical system where all they have to do is follow some simple rules. But if you really want the edge, look to Forex professionals who have already tested their methods and succeeded in the big Forex arena. Approach Forex Trading Like A Business A lot of at home Forex traders are looking to make some extra money in the Forex market, or have dreams of “striking it rich” trading currency. But the “hobby” or “get rich overnight” mindset is not the way to real and consistent profits trading currency in the Forex Market. You need to look at Forex Trading as a serious business! Even if Forex trading is not your main source of income… treat it as if it is. Use a trading strategy designed to reduce risk and maintain your investment balance, while simultaneously looking to place winning trades for steady growth. Use a set of trading rules like the pros use… and abide by the trading rules to the letter and don’t EVER deviate from them. Money Management Is More Important That The Trading System The trading system you use should be designed to gain pips, while reducing the risk of losing pips. The trades you make should not be about MONEY… but pips. The true goal of your trading should be to make more pips than you lose, because there is no system that can guarantee 100% winners. Money Management determines how much money you make from the positive pips you earn. Two traders making the same trade and increasing the same amount of pips will make different amounts of money determined by their investment size, their lot size and how much of their balance they use for each trade. Money management is where the money is! Professional traders use money management to protect their balances, while giving them the opportunity to continue trading and increasing their profits. This is the type of money management system you should adopt as well. Proper use of your investment and managing your risk is the only true way to profit in the Forex market over the long haul. Sometimes NOT Placing The Trade Is The Best Option Novice traders get hooked on trading. After all, if you are not making trades, you can’t make any money, right? But this desire to make trades leads to trying to force trades. Since they want to trade, they interpret the indicators in order to trade. As a professional trader looking for long term profits, sometimes it is necessary to decide not to make a trade at all. If you are an at home Forex trader, the best thing you can do is start to think and act like a professional trader. The mindset, trading systems and money management they use has been proven to work in the toughest of environments… ans should be incorporated into your trading plan to reduce risk and make your trading as profitable as possible.

Forex Confidant, written by Thomas Strigano, reveals the mindset, money management and trading strategy a real pro uses to survive and prosper for Forex trading. To learn more read my full Forex Confidant Review

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My 95% drawdown. Why it shouldn’t affect you. And serious trader talk. — New primary trading account capital, leverage, position size objectives —

Things to keep in mind for Forex traders

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There is plenty of risk involved in trading on just about any market. Hostile conditions can leave you high and dry if you do not have the knowledge required to get out of a risky position at the right time. On the other hand, over-reaction to a temporary situation can put you in an equally tough situation, so it is worth keeping some things in mind

  • Firstly, remember that you are trading with borrowed money. Before you make your first real trades, open a demo account and use that to test your instincts. Once you are making profits consistently you can switch to trading real money – and will be much less likely to lose it. If you have encouraging early results, do not be tempted to jump right in – this is not the time for high risks.
  • Be consistent. It is easy to get carried away if you feel that a position is destined to bring you a profit. You may think inwardly that you have a stop-loss point of no return, but when the currency hits that price you flinch and convince yourself that it is coming back up. You might as well not have set the limit in the first place, then. Have realistic targets and stick to them.
  • Choose your broker wisely. There are some Forex brokers who use legally or morally questionable tactics to guarantee a profit and there is no-one they will not sell out – yourself included. Ask around for tips, and follow the advice that keeps coming up.